DeMars & Associates, the parent company of NetNeutrals EU, NetNeutrals, CAP-Motors, CAP-Home, and CAP-RV, has attended numerous conferences throughout the United States and the European Union over the past 30 years.  During this time, Jo DeMars (President & Owner) has been asked by a number of these conferences to present on a variety of topics; ranging from the Art of Apology, Managing the Difficult Customer, Customer Rage, the Benefits of ODR, Use of Mediation in Medical Malpractice, as well as new product demonstrations (NetNeutrals EU).

Below are links to NetNeutrals and DMA's most recent conference presentations.

1.  Cyberweek 2015 via the (November 2015):  
Follow this link directly to the video:

2.  NetNeutrals EU - Ireland Launch (February 2016), presented in concert with Connect Ireland:
Presentation Handout
NetNeutrals Brochure

3.  NetNeutrals EU Presentation at the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Europe (October 2015):
See the SOCAPiE presentation here.
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